Blueprint 15

The Work We’re Doing

Blueprint 15 is a non-profit organization partnering with Syracuse Housing Authority, SCSD, the city of Syracuse and other community partners to advance a holistic approach to neighborhood well-being that reflects the needs and wants of neighborhood residents.

We believe that neighborhoods are not just the places where we live. Neighborhoods are where we find and build community and future prosperity. We work to ensure that residents will have access and opportunity to safe and affordable places to live, engaging and effective schools, and vital health services because this not only leads to resilient and thriving neighborhoods, it leads to resilient and thriving people. Working alongside residents and local stakeholders, we help to prioritize initiatives and leverage resources across four main pillars:


a cradle-to-college/career education pathway


high-quality mixed income housing


community wellness programs


Economic Vitality

Our community

Our community is so much more than the decades of disinvestment and discrimination that it’s faced and continues to grapple with. Our residents are bold and resilient leaders who deserve to live in a neighborhood with quality housing, health, educational, and socio-economic opportunities that are accessible and family-centered. In order to accomplish this, we must work collaboratively and in new ways by creating inclusive strategies that will help all neighbors participate, prosper and reach their fullest potential.

Blueprint 15’s Recent Work

So far, we’ve held over 20 resident listening sessions to gather community input. Check out past residents meetings and more info on the project here :

Potential critical community improvements

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Career Opportunities

SUNY EOC Applied Training Lab for job skills training

Universal Wifi

Broadband internet for everyone, anywhere in the neighborhood
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New Homes & Businesses

Commercial and residential development along East Adams St.
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New St. Linear Park

Connection of green space and park improvements
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Generational Wealth Building

Homeownership opportunities for residents

Children Rising

Early learning, YMCA, and Parent/Child Play Center